Origin of KEVJAX

KEVJAX LLC. was created by three friends that saw a vision through the talent of an exceptional artist named Kevin Jackson (aka Kev). Realizing Kev's potential after many conversations Louis Pagan-Rodriguez (aka Lou) and Cameron Hill (aka Cam) have embarked on a quest to spread Kev's view on the world through an array of art through illustrations, design, branding, clothing or whatever pleases their creative minds.


The KEVJAX’s brand represents a young professional's view through an array of art that is featured through illustrations, designs, branding and clothing.  We want to cater to the young art enthusiast that is looking to embrace their inner spirit among the world we live in today.


If you look at our logo it symbolizes multiple facets of what we represent as a brand.

Logo Breakdown

The Bee - A vital insect to our world that relates to what is vital in life


    Goggles - Seeing things differently rather than accepting the norm around you

    Halo - Your inner spirit that thrives no matter what environment you find yourself in

    3 Stripes - The three founders (Cam, Kev, & Lou)


    Clothing Initiative

    Given that we want to embrace our inner spirit we only found it right to ensure we focus on tailoring our clothing to various spirit animals.  Our spirit animals whether they are real or mythical in nature embrace who we are as people and we want to share the same passion in our clothing.  We provide a clothing line of shirts, hats, hoodies and accessories that will let you have a unique twist on different spirit animals that you can enjoy whether at work, home, or out with family and friends.  To all our supporters our brand is for you as we go on this journey together!!!

    Founding Fathers

    CEO KEV (Chief Executive Officer)

             CAM (Chief Operating Officer)         

     LOU (Chief Revenue Officer)